About company

Envitec LLC has been operating on the Ukrainian market since 1991.
During this time, our team has gained diverse experience in the universal solution of various technical problems in the areas: treatment of industrial and domestic effluents, biogas plants, automatic process control systems, sampling and sample preparation systems, disinfection systems, environmental projects such as restoration of water contaminated with industrial effluents, complexes of automatic monitoring of the environment "water - air".


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Our advantages


Unique engineering solutions that have no analogues in Ukraine in the fields of energy, ecology, wastewater treatment have been implemented.


Striving for original ways to solve technical problems, the use of advanced technologies and equipment that bring maximum profit to our partners


A combination of modern technical achievements and business with universal ethics is important for our team.

Ethics and responsibility

We are focused on consolidated responsibility for the outcome of our projects. For us, reliability, transparency and relationships with partners are just as important as economic aspects.

Our approach

Our approach is based on the use of advanced technologies and equipment from well-known brands.
As experience shows, finally we get the best indicators of investment parameters, operating costs, system reliability.


Our mission

Our mission is to increase the profitability of customers through the introduction of innovative technologies and reducing material and operating costs in the sector of water treatment and drainage, treatment of industrial effluents and processing of organic waste with the subsequent production of biogas and organic fertilizers, where appropriate.


Our goal

The goal of our activity is to introduce in Ukraine such technologies and technical means that would help increase the competitiveness of our customers and meet international standards.